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Notifications Resets in Parent Portal

The alerts will “reset” when a class change exists, or when the users sets on/off.  


For Example this is the Courses that a School offers:


Class ID

Course ID


Period Number

Course Name



Neil A. Armstrong

Period 01

Space Agriculture



Alan L. Bean

Period 03

Space Agriculture


Then little Johnny comes and enrolls into class 123456. (Period 01).  His parents set an alert to get a notification when a grade goes below 85. Weeks later Johnny decides to change classes and enrolls into class 123457 (Period 03).  At this time the alert that Johnny’s parent configured won’t work anymore,  since they were configured for the course in Period 1 (123456).  The Parents will need to configure alerts for the new class in Period 03(123457). 


Going the extra mile
I feel as a parent overwhelmed with work, church, activities, home responsibilities, and homework. I have found when I go the extra mile to help my kids with their homework it becomes refreshing. The appreciation and love I receive from my kids for the help, as well as the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping them secure their future is rewarding. Go the extra mile for your kids education, it is worth it.
Parent Portal Access for 2013-2014 School Year

Parent Portal is scheduled to reopen on September 9, 2013. Parents that already have Parent Portal access will be able to use the same email address. 

Starting this year parents are able to request access to Parent Portal from outside and inside the District at (Parent Portal Access Request).

The current campus approval process will remain the same as in previous years. Data clerks will validate and approve the requests. Once the campus approves the parent’s request, the parent will receive an email notification granting access to the system.

If a parent needs an update on the status of their request or needs assistance, the Data Clerk at the school should be able to assist. The Data Clerk can provide the parent an update of their request. If the campus cannot assist, the Data Clerk will contact Division of Technology and create a FootPrint for support.


For Parent Portal help documents visit

Cycle or Semester Grades
To see the Cycle or Semester Grade information, click on the "click here for Grades" tab in Parent Portal. 
I forgot my Parent Portal password

Q.  I forgot my Parent Portal Password.  How can I reset it? 


A.  To reset your Parent Portal password click on the “Forgot Username or Password” link and instructions will be sent to your email address.  The email will only be valid for 24 hours from the time you submit the request.


Not received your account information yet?

Access to Parent Portal is validated at the schools. If you have not received your Parent Portal account, please contact the data clerk where you registered your child. 

If you have a need to change your email address, please be ready to provide to your data clerk your old and new email address. 

Grades and Homework Assignments

Please contact your teacher or campus administrator for clarification on when to expect posting of grades and assignments.  Grades and homework assignments come from the teacher’s Gradebook. It could take upto 24 hours for the grades to show on Parent Portal.

 Typically Elementary teachers

·         Post a minimum of six grades by the midpoint of each six-week grading period

·         Post a minimum of twelve grades by the end of each six-week grading period


Secondary teachers

·         Post a minimum of four grades by midpoint of each six-week grading period

·         Post a minimum of eight grades by the end of each six-week grading period


For a schedule of the District’s grading period visit

 Parent Portal Quick Reference Guide click on this link

I just am curious about how frequently grades are updated on Parent Portal? I love this program. Thank you so much for who ever created this.
E-mail & Home Phone
I'm trying to update my account with a new e-mail and new home phone. Can't find the lini to do it. The e-mail and phone being asked is old and no good anymore.
Grade detail can be found by clicking on the number grade!
If you click on the numeric grade, the details of that average are shown. The assignment, the date of the assignment and it's number grade is shown.
For additional instructions on Parent Portal go to the support site help section at
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